Put the card inside a jar or outside in the garden on some soil.

Cover the Growingpaper with 3 cm of earth.

Give a little water every day.

After a week, the seeds begin to germinate!

Take root

To 'take root' is not very positive as an expression. Fortunately, it is when it comes to taking root with Growingpaper. Our carrot paper does well in the vegetable garden, in...

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Growingpaper business cards

It is March, spring has begun. Time to prepare for the season in which everything grows and flourishes. Spring gives off its business card every year, don't you? Check the possibi...

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Your mailing will blossom

A sustainable mailing, environmentally friendly inks and 100 percent compostable paper. After reading, the mailing can be planted and the words will germinate. We can print your maili...

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