Put the card inside a jar or outside in the garden on some soil.

Cover the Growingpaper with 3 cm of earth.

Give a little water every day.

After a week, the seeds start to germinate!

Grow your business

Flyers, folders, mailings or business cards?

Your design on our paper is a fantastic sustainable combination.
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Grow your business

Growingpaper punching forms

Various sizes of bookmarks, wraps, hearts, circles and confetti. Printed with your own design, it creates a fascinating & blooming attention.

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Create your Growing Forms

Special requests

Do you have a special assignment with which we can help you contact us without obligation.

Mailings, special die-cut form, personalized prints, different seeds or sizes see image for some examples.

Special request


GrowingPaper (70 Gr)

100% natural and 100% biodegradable. The paper developed by us has a nice firmness and a slight shine. The seeds are clearly visible and give the paper a natural structure. Growingpaper consists of two thin layers of paper with the seeds in between. The layers are glued with pot...

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