Mission statement

B GOOD: Our Growing People community, people appreciate and let grow and prosper - and with our company. Growing People project South Africa.
B LOCAL: Producing locally as much as possible, through the use of indigenous seeds to the local print shops in the countries themselves.
B GREEN: Nature responsible thinking and doing, realizing a circular product. Start the cycle with raw materials from waste and / or 100% nature and ending in the soil and germinate into flowers and or vegetables.
B HAPPY: Our products provide a (h) fair moment of surprise and happiness.
B PURE: Honest, open and fair.

Green office space

The working environment is not insignificant in the success of Growingpaper. From this inspiring, healthy and beautiful Green Office garden in Schijndel in Brabant, work is never an obligation, but always a pleasure.

Geert maintains more than 150 plants that all have an air-purifying function. Together with the other residents of the Groene Kantoortuin - operating in totally different branches - synergy, dynamics and even more passion arise. Come and see for yourself the power of nature, cooperation and a sustainable environment of Growing People.