hoe groeipapier werkt

Put the card inside a jar or outside in the garden on some soil.

Cover the Growingpaper with 3 cm of earth.

Give a little water every day.

After a week, the seeds start to germinate!

Put the paper..

Put the paper inside a jar or outside in the garden on the sand. Cover the growth paper with about 3 centimeters of earth. Give some water every day and the first plants germinate after about a week.

The best time to plant outside is from mid-May to October. Within in a jar it can be done all year round. Always ensure sufficient light, heat and water.

Download the image from here. GROW IT: PNG or eps

Our flowergardens

We test all types of paper in our experimental gardens, both indoors and outdoors. We test for germination, quality and results. Growingpaper really does what it promises: it is fresh and comes to fruition and growth.

Our vegetable gardens

Our vegetable and herb varieties are full of flavor and are tested for germination, density and quality. What grows from our vegetable and herb growing papers is not only edible, but also very tasteful.